AKT3 - Frauen-Feuer - Pré-Venda

AKT3 - Frauen-Feuer - Pré-Venda

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The end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s was an odd period for the Brazilian underground scene. On one hand, a number of groups (such as Raubvögel, from Rio; Kumbai Nidada and Industria Mirabile, from São Paulo; Tonton Macoute, from Brasília; Úvulas Ardientes, from Paraíba) wanted to go to extremes (or, at least, diversify) in their aesthetic proposal, escaping from the cliches which the 1980s had already crystalised.
On the other hand, the BRock scene was beginning to fade in the mainstream (giving way to more popular, and kitsch, genres) and, as a consequence, narrowed even more the share of the experimental music. Akt is a perfect image of that time.
A female superband, it brought together Sandra Coutinho, from Mercenárias, and Denise “Dequinha” Camargo, from the trio Bruhahá Babélico, Karla Xavier, coming from R. Mutt (from Belo Horizonte), and Biba Meira, coming from De Falla (from Porto Alegre). R. Mutt and Bruhahá Babélico were two groups that already anticipated this experimental trend, while Mercenárias and De Falla are...  more


released January 18, 2022

Biba - Drums
Karla - Guitar
Dequinha - Keyboards and Vocals
Sandra Coutinho - Bass and Vocals
All compositions by AKT
Lyrics by AKT and Miguelanjo A
Recorded and Mixed at OBJ Studio - 1990
Produced by AKT and R.H. Jackson
Remaster - Daniel Husayn
Photos - Rui Mendes
Text - Alex Antunes
Translation - Rogério Simões
Makeup - Rosita
Artwork - Guilherme Chapado Godoy e Mateus Mondini

Discos Nada 2022/23
This record is dedicated to Karla
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