Marco Bosco - Fragmentos da Casa LP

Marco Bosco - Fragmentos da Casa LP

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Reissued for the first time, “Fragmentos da Casa” by Brazilian percussionist Marco Bosco, was originally released in 1986, by Carmo, owned by Egberto Gismonti. Carmo also released albums by Gismonti, Piry Reis, Fernando Falcao, Nando Carneiro and Andre Geraissati, among others.

In 1986, Marco Bosco's percussive arsenal was unique and extremely peculiar, containing chizanzhi, caxixis, purrinhola, requo-requo, shequeres, berimbaus and lingo drum, among other instruments.

This fusion of acoustic and synthetic, promoted by some Brazilian artists in the 80's and celebrated worldwide, still brings memories to the percussionist. For him, the arrival of those electronic gadgets "was the best thing that happened on the planet".

This reissue includes a reproduction of the original artwork, new testimonies by Marco Bosco and a a long article signed by Bento Araujo, author of the series of books "Lindo Sonho Delirante", which investigates audacious and fearless music produced in the Brazilian underground.

The track “Sol da Manha” was included in "Outro Tempo" (Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil 1978-1992), compilation by DJ John Gomez released by Dutch music From Memory.

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